Friday, October 19, 2012

No more THS period- Article Preview

By: Ben Stone, Reporter

            Along with the new schedule changes, there is no longer a THS period at the High School anymore. THS period was a time on Thursday block days where for an hour a student could get extra help from teachers and various clubs and activities would meet once every week.

            With the new schedule, block days were dropped and so were THS. Many clubs were affected by this. Many clubs did indeed find THS period very handy to be able to get all the students together for one day a week and now are having to try and find ways to meet together which can cause some difficulty, but this did not go for all clubs.

            Mr. Schieb, club advisor for Key Club, said, “It was handy for meeting of clubs, but it's not the only time.” He went on to add that the club had met many times after school especially when they had gotten close to running an activity. Although when asked about how the club is finding time to meet, Schieb did say that it has been a “struggle” to get enough people to solidify a meeting time and that they will have half the club meeting before school and the other half meet after school. Despite the drawbacks, Schieb wouldn’t go back. “I think that we are more productive as a school without it.”

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