Tuesday, October 2, 2012

iPhone Breaks Records.... and Abuses Children?

By: Andres Macias, co-editor

The iPhone 5 was just released and make a record breaking 5 million sales on its’ first three days on sale. The record-breaking phone is taller, thinner, and overall 20 percent lighter than the iphone 4s according to Cnet.com.                  

Cnet.com reports that the iPhone 5 is twice as fast with a new A6 chip and will have a better display of wide-screen movies with 44 percent more color saturation than the iPhone 4s.        
As much as most people around the world enjoy purchasing and using iphones, we still need people to create them for us. Apple’s manufacturing partner in China, Foxconn Technology, has been receiving criticism over labor practices that students are working at the iPhone plants.                                              

Foxconn reports students are “interns” on manufacturing lines and “free to leave at any time.” Mr. Li, (founder of China Labor Watch), reports 10 of 87 workers on an iphone assembly line were students. Li says, “They don’t want to work there, they want to learn.”                                                                                   

Foxconn reports 2.7 percent of iPhone assembly line workers, nearly 32,000, were students.      

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