Friday, October 19, 2012

New Staff at THS Preview..

By: Andres Macias, co-editor
          THS recently has added new members to its staff over the summer. One new member to the science department is Mr.Pepe. Pepe is a biology teacher here at THS and was offered the job in August.

          As a teenager, Pepe went to Platt high school in Meriden CT and what made him come to THS was his past teaching experience. Pepe says, “I taught in the college level and I liked sharing what I learned in my past career to the high school students better.”

          Pepe enjoys the schedule system here at THS as well as the school spirit. “School spirit here is great after the Ansonia football game.” In his spare time, Pepe enjoys listening to classic music stations such as 106.9 and loves working with animals.

Check out the full interview with Mr. Pepe and read about the other teachers who are new to the building next week!

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