Monday, September 26, 2011

THS Takes a Beating Against Ansonia

By: Andres Macias, Reporter

Torrington high school recently battled Ansonia on 9/15/11. The THS crowd supported their players traveling all the way to Ansonia on a fan bus thanks to the help of our principle Ms. Creedon. Despite our support Torrington lost 49-20.
Assistant coach, Burns, said, “ Our performance failed in effort and expectation. Preparation was thwarted by their multitude of formation, offense and defense.” He stated that our away crowd has increased since he’s been coaching here. He thought we had a, “Promising THS crowd, unfortunately we didn’t our best football, saw enthusiasm from fans and excitement.” Coach Burns had confidence in our team but stated, “It became apparent they were just as good as we thought they would be and more.”
Jerry Aguero (sophomore) was one of the raider crazies at the Ansonia game. He expected more from our team saying, “ Ansonia got the best of us that night. The Ansonia fans were really rude, for every touchdown they would rub it in our faces. The cheerleaders were the worst they made unnecessary comments. There were also a couple of fans who wanted to fight us.”

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