Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Awkward" Makes Hook Ups Not Awkward.

By: Molly Sczucka, Co Editor
MTV’s new scripted show “Awkward” follows the life of Jenna Hamilton, a 15 year old high school girl who of course isn’t popular, has the enemy cheerleader, and has a witty sense of humor.

While the theme may be a cliché - an unnoticed girl going through a self-conscious stage in her life who is pining after the hot football hunk - the dialogue and sense of humor heightens the show’s promiscuity and humor.

We first meet Jenna as she recounts the defamation of her precious virgin flower at camp with the high school hunk Matty. While her first time is uncomfortable, the story takes an unusual turn when Matty admits his feelings for Jenna but also the fact that admitting his affection towards her would ruin his own image. While I find the dialogue clever, this unusual theme hooked me on to the show first.

To add oil to the fire, Jenna has a mishap in the bathroom with a hairdryer, a tub, razors, and pills. While to some this may seem like a harsh joke on teenage suicide, MTV relieves the tension and presents the situation in a way that you just can't help but laugh.

While the humor of the show began with what appeared to be an attempted suicide, the flawed characters and witty diction add more spice. Jenna’s parents who became pregnant in high school alleviate the on going issue of teen pregnancy by trying to be friend their daughter rather than guide her. Jenna’s sidekick Tamara pokes fun at the social climbing aspect of high school where it’s believed you gain popularity by the amount of “red cup” pictures you have.

While the crash humor entertains my inappropriate sense of humor, the dialects can sometimes be a little stereotypical. Yes as teenagers we find it easier to say “LOL” rather than “that brought me great humor” but when the acronym “DTR” came about one episode, I was insulted by the idea that we base our whole vocabulary off of acronyms. Never have I once use the term “DTR” in any situation. (For those who don’t watch the show DTR means define the relationship, something that Jenna has an issue doing with Matty.)

If you’ve never seen the show before it could be because it airs at 11 o’clock at night. The late airing is due to the graphic sexual dialogue for a teen series that you wouldn’t normally find. But at this time in pop culture, how often can you replay the outsider girl who gets the hunk’s attention card without spicing it up a little?

This raunchy and witty new comedy will have you falling for Jenna’s hope to find herself in high school. John Hughes may have coined the theme of high school loners finding their place in school, but MTV is revitalizing that theme and making “Awkward” the show to watch.

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