Friday, September 30, 2011

Teen Wolf - Not Just a Twilight Remake

By: Andy Serven, Reporter

Teen Wolf
is a new show that has recently ended its first season on MTV. The show premiered June 5th of 2011, and had 12 episodes throughout the season. Tyler Posey, who appeared in the movies Lincoln Heights and Maid in Manhattan, and also the show Smallville in 2006, plays the main character.

The show is about a teenager in high school named Scott, who plays lacrosse and is bullied by a peer named Jackson. One night, Scott and his best friend Stiles are searching the woods for a dead body reported on the news, when Scott is suddenly attacked by a wolf and later on finds out he has become a werewolf.

He finds a love interest named Allison, and then the trouble begins. Scott faces tons of problems in this show. His girlfriends father and aunt are werewolf hunters, alpha wolf is trying to kill him and his friends, and he is the new captain of the lacrosse team because of his newly acquired speed and strength, but has trouble keeping his temper down without killing an opposing player. A lot of more problems appear just as soon as they all seem to go away in the season finale, and leaves you off with a giant cliffhanger.

I watched every episode of this new show, and actually began to enjoy it. At first I thought, it was just going to be another stupid show like Twilight, and all the girls would be obsessed with it. For me, someone who watched the show rarely saw any resemblance to Twilight.

Unfortunately for Teen Wolf, they are facing the same problem the rest of the movie business is facing. Our generation has assumed any movie with a vampire or werewolf is automatically a spin-off of Twilight. What about a movie like Fright Night (released on August 19th 2011) that is a part horror movie? Is it a Twilight copy because it has a vampire in it?

The new season of Teen Wolf is expected to come out in the summer of 2012. I suggest you watch it because it truly is a great show. It captures romance, fear, suspense, and thrillers all in one episode.

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